July 17, 2024

Peak Season Looms: Air Cargo Market Poised for Historic Surge

Air Freight Demand Soars Amid E-Commerce Boom As the peak season approaches, the global air cargo market is on the brink of a historic surge. Since the Lunar New Year, the market has shown no signs of the usual seasonal slowdown. Instead, export e-commerce platforms have continued to thrive, driving air freight rates to
June 28, 2024

Global E-commerce Giants Compete for Chinese Sellers

A Growing Battlefield Global e-commerce giants are intensifying their efforts to attract Chinese sellers to strengthen their foothold in the lucrative Chinese market. Recently, Amazon announced the launch of its “2024 Amazon Global Logistics Accelerator Program,” aimed at enhancing cross-border logistics services for Chinese sellers through improvements in logistics products, supply chain management, destination
June 28, 2024

Can SHEIN Create Another Miracle?

China’s most watched and enigmatic unicorn, SHEIN, has not escaped the chilling winds of 2023. Founded in 2008 and initially headquartered in Nanjing, SHEIN quickly captivated global markets with its low prices—cheaper than Taobao—and its rapid inventory turnover, faster than Zara. At its peak, SHEIN’s valuation soared to $100 billion, making it the third-largest
June 7, 2024

Over 20,000 Sellers Eager to Join as SHEIN Launches Semi-Fulfillment Model

As the cross-border e-commerce sector experiences explosive growth, competition is intensifying. For many domestic sellers, selecting the right platform and model for international expansion is crucial. Recently, SHEIN introduced a new “semi-fulfilment” model, providing sellers with an enhanced option for high-quality global market entry. The announcement of SHEIN’s semi-fulfillment model first emerged around May
June 6, 2024

SHEIN Eyes £50 Billion Valuation in Potential London IPO

In a move poised to reshape the landscape of the UK capital market, fast-fashion behemoth SHEIN is reportedly planning to file for an initial public offering (IPO) in London. If successful, the company could achieve a valuation nearing £50 billion, marking one of the most significant transactions in recent years. However, this ambitious plan
May 30, 2024

Temu Hits a Wall: Challenges in Southeast Asia’s Market

While Temu thrives in the Western markets, its progress in Southeast Asia has been much slower. Temu’s first attempt to enter Southeast Asia began in the Philippines, which had the world’s highest e-commerce growth rate of 24.1% in 2023 and is the region’s second-most populous country, with about 114 million people, 60% of whom
May 29, 2024

Home Furnishing Going Global: From Acquisitions and Factory Setups to Expanding Distributor Networks

From January to February 2024, China’s General Administration of Customs reported a significant 39.8% year-on-year surge in exports, totalling 846.9 billion yuan. This growth rate, uncommon in the previous two years, underscores China’s dominance as the world’s leading exporter of furniture products. Data from Chinese Customs reveals that in 2023, the export value of
May 27, 2024

Costs Soar by 400%, Some Amazon Sellers Shut Down

Since the beginning of this year, Amazon has revised its fee structure, shifting more operational costs onto third-party sellers. Simultaneously, overseas consumers are scaling back their spending. According to Adobe’s May report, American consumers increasingly seek lower-priced items online, especially in categories like personal care, electronics, clothing, home and garden, furniture, and bedding. This
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